Mission – 2020 is a master plan that is guaranteed to change the profile of the game in the state, by the year 2020. It envisages the following:-

1. Multiple venues for first class tennis cricket in all the 32 districts of Tamilnadu.

2. To have tennis cricket academies in all zones i.e. North, South, East and West.

3. To have more than one tennis cricket hosted in every district of the state.

4. To produce at least one tennis cricketer at the national level, who would represent the country in the next five years.

5. To ensure continuous up gradation of players, coaches, umpires and physios to improve the quality of the game in the state.

7. To ensure healthy development of tennis cricket at school level, by tapping the physical education teachers of schools, through seminars conducted in each district.

8. To conduct a super league with the inclusion of winners and runners up from weaker districts.

9. To conduct inter district and intra district schools tournaments.

10. To conduct an All India Tennis cricket Tournament in the state.

11. To conduct a state level tournament along with district level tournaments.

12. To have rural coaching centres in all districts, where coaches would be employed to oversee the district and rural coaching facilities.

13. To develop a tennis cricket culture in the state which would go a long way to complement the other programmes of Mission-2020